Saturday, 4 April 2015

Duke Charlie Chaplin fountain pen review

Duke Charlie Chaplin fountain pen


I got it last year from Mr. Sunny of Straits  Pens for SGD18 which I saw a steal as ebay prices are almost double and Sunny smoothened the nib for me too. Good value for money and I give 5/5

2. Looks, aesthetics and presentation

This pen has a very unique look reminding Charlie Chaplin with few of his items like his shoes,  hat etc.. inscribed on the metal cap ring. The pen is designed to look alike Charlie Chaplin as it is short and there is a bulge in the center area with both cap and barrel tapering off.  As for the looks it is attention catcher and you will love it or hate it. The black laquered finish with matt steel endowments is pleasing to the eye. The pen came in a nice and sturdy hard box with satin cloth lining, very good presentation and will make a good gift idea,  overall I will give 4/5 for looks.

3. Build quality , construction  and ergonomics

The pen is built like a tank.  It is heavy all metal body and using it for long periods may result in fatigue.  The supplied converter feels well built and holds decent amount of ink.  As it is not a regular sized pen it feels not so ergonomically fit in my hands. For quality I give 5 but foe ergonomics I give 3 and the net score here is 4/5

4. writing

It is a smooth writer with steady ink flow. Writes medium.  The nib is a steel nib and does not offer much line variation. One problem though after the converter runs half empty the pen gets dry and you may need to prime the feed to get new ink flow. Not a major issue as it happens in many of my Chinese pens. Please see writing samples attached.  For writing I give 4/5


A solid pen which offers good value. If you like the looks go for one if you can get it at a decent price. The overall score is 4.25/5

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